Charges as at February 2016

Seedling plug trays $7.00 per tray + GST

Tube stock (K1 tray) $12.00 per tray + GST

General Greenlife 28% of invoice + GST
(Based on original invoice value before settlement discounts and up
to 300mm pot size. 330mm and larger by negotiation)

Citrus Trees 20% of invoice + GST
(Based on loose stacking and a dedicated citrus delivery)

$15.00 + GST Bio security charge will be applied per delivery

A minimum $100.00 + GST Delivery charge

STRICTLY 14 day accounts with a 2.5% interest calculated daily on all
overdue accounts.

All stock to be booked in 7 days before departure date with all
relevant documentation ie PHAC and invoices 4 days prior to

NOTE: All effort will be made to run on schedule but some runs may
need to be cancelled due to lack of demand or others added to cope
with demand. Space will be allocated on a first come basis.
All suppliers please book by trolley space.